Visit Santiago for two days

Two days in Santiago

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First, you go over the Old Town Streets and Squares, and then visit the Cathedral. You can rent an audio- guide or have a guided tour. It is advisable to visit the Cathedral at 12:00 to go to the pilgrim mass, when the “botafumeiro exhibition” takes place. There, you can visit the roof of the Catedral.


The first day you can enjoy the Galician dishes: octopus, pastry snacks, razor shells, mussels, cockles, sardines or “zorza”, shoulder or pork, meat and or course, Padrón peppers, always served with Galician wines and Santiago’s cake for dessert.


Early in the afternoon, go to CdC (Galician Cultural Town) and you can appreciate a wonderful architecture designed by Peter Eisenman (from New York). Besides, you can enjoy temporary exhibitions.

Go back  to the Old Town and visit the 2 main parks and gardens: Saint Domingos de Bonabal and Alameda, where you can enjoy the Old Town panoramic views. In Saint Domingos de Bonabal is the main Galician ethnographic museum (Museo do Pobo Galego), located in the rooms of the old convent, with a beautiful gothic church and a triple baroque spiral stairs.

There, it is the CGAC (Galician Contemporary Art Centre) designed by the Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza.

Before dinner, go to The Alameda, a park and an extraordinary viewpoint of the Old Town. From here, you can get the best picture of the Cathedral.


Haute Cuisine in some of the restaurants of the delicious new Galician cuisine.



For the first evening event, have a drink in some of the classic pubs of the city.




The photogenic wholesale food market is the main and the most tradicitional market in the city, and it’s the most visited place after the Cathedral: an authectic market, which speaks about gastronomy, there are infinite and fresh fish and shellfish, but there are also fruit, vegetables, flowers, cheese, and so on, and Galician traditions, in a building, which is a monument in itself. It opens everyday in the morning, except on Sundays.(From 8:00 to 15:00). The best days are Thursdays and Saturdays, because there are more sellers and more products. They are the days of Gastronomy tour, a pleasant guided visit about Galician gastronomy, which goes all over the wholesale food market, and it includes a tasting.

Near the market is the Faculty of Geography and History, which belongs to the University of Santiago (5 hundred years old), with a wonderful library and an auditorium, that you can visit with the guided visits at the University, the same as its terrace, with a wonderful zenith panorama or the Old Town.



In the market there are 2 establishments you shoud visit: 1. Punto Kente: At this café, they prepare the products you have bought by a percentage of the purchase price, an opportunity to see for yourself the quality and freshness of the Galician products. 2. Abastos 2.0: a small restaurant placed in the outdoor stands, where they practice the famous “ cuisine without frigde”: Everyday they choose the best fresh products to offer you delicious dishes. If you are already hungry, there are several bars to order ham, dried beef, Spanish cold meat– spicy pork sausage, sausage- and Galician cheese- Cebreiro, Arzúa-Ulloa, Tetilla, San Simón,- always served with the Galician delicious bread.



The tourist train offers you a different vision of the city, besides it is a relaxing way to visit the city,and it is suitable for all ages. After that, to take a piece of Santiago and Galicia to your home, you should go on shopping: 100% Galician craftwork, from goldsmithing to handmade textile or delicatessen.

Santiago, which stands out for the quality or the restauration of the Old Town, has a series of unknown historic places that combine the strength of the omnipresent granite with correct doses of sophisticated new style. To know them, enjoying at the same time the plastic arts, it is worth to visit some of the Art galleries and the headquartes of the foundations which are in this city ( Granell, Torrente Ballester, Caixa Galicia).

To finish, there are exhibition rooms in places of interest and even in wonderful demystified churches, such as the case of Pazo de Fonseca or the Univestity church.



For the second night, from the Galician Seas, very fresh fish in “caldeirada” or at “the Galician Style”, that is , in garlic sauce, and steamed or the grill shellfish, or soft barbecued meat: Galician large steak or Celtic pig barbecued steak with sausages. But you can choose a more informal option: a “tapas route”, to taste (“crocodiles”, ears, potatoes…), and snacks and bites, or the well-known mini-cuisine.


Santiago de Compostela offers you an amazing cultural programme: classical music, theatre, dance, pop, folk, concerts of small format, jam sessions, cabaré, magic, storytellers, and so on.


Visit Santiago without losing any detail

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