The soundtrack of Santiago de Compostela’s Cathedral

The soundtrack of Santiago de Compostela’s Cathedral

People who visit Santiago de Compostela have a place in their mind. This place is Santiago de Compostela’s Cathedral, which was declared  Historical Monument of Cultural Interest in 1896 and World Cultural Heritage in 1985.  Everybody has heard mention of it as the meeting place of tourists and pilgrims who arrive at Santiago de Compostela on foot, by bike or by another means of transport. All is possible in order to see the Cathedral, get into it or open up all your senses to enjoy multiple sensations under that stunning architecture.

When you arrive Obradoiro Square or Quintana Square you can appreciate with all your senses the beauty of the city. Little by little , and almost unconsciously, you can listen music from a hidden place to emphatize  the spectacular impression in front of us.

We are referring to the noise of the people who, like us, go to visit the cathedral and the streets which surroud it, but above all, we are referring to the musicians who every day, hour after hour, make us enjoy their wonderful music at the adjoining stairs that take you to the plaza del Obradoiro, to the Plaza de la Inmaculada and to Acibecheria Street.

There are millions of stories, notes, songs and melodies which are hidden at this magical place of Santiago’s Cathedral. Every person which passes up this place is suddenly surrounded by surprise by a pleasing sound atmosphere. Day after day, and specially under the rain, this place becomes a showcase and refuge for wonderful artists, who give to the experience, which is already excellent,  the visit to this place, a magic and singular touch for the enjoyment of people with high sensitivity.


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